To support, promote and fulfill the goals of the Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center and the Kahnawà:ke Language Law – The Kaianerenhserón:ni ne Onkwawén:na’onwe ne Kahnawà:ke , the following are brief descriptions of the various language and cultural education programs and activities the organization offers to the community.

Tóta tánon Ohkwá:ri is a puppet in the Kanien’kéha language. It revolves around Tóta, (who has a wealth of knowledge of Kanien’keha:ka ways) and her grandson Ohkwá:ri (who is imaginative, curious and active). Currently the show is in its 14th season. Each season is 5 episodes (25-30 minutes each). The show’s objectives are to promote and foster oral proficiency abilities in Kanien’kéha for viewers, to create awareness of the following health priorities in Kahnawà:ke; mental wellness, substance abuse/addictions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, to write the show in a way that the characters are firmly rooted in Haudenosaunee culture and values and that is inclusive for all children in Kahnawà:ke. The show is broadcast on the local cable channel in Kahnawà:ke. Other branches of the program include: live shows, sound projects, animation projects and singing and puppet making workshops.

Curriculum resources at KORLCC are created to foster authentic language and culturally based learning. The strength of our curriculum lies within its collaborative development where learners, facilitators and administrators participate in shaping and creating content. Our aim to create curriculum resources that strengthen the language and cultural capacity of our community via the preservation, promotion, and enrichment of our cosmology and ideology, while at the same time promoting awareness of Kanien’kehá:ka values and worldviews. Various approaches, methods and mediums are used to elaborate and advance a communal and cultural curricula as well as their intended objectives and goals ie, lecture, written materials, audio recordings, visuals, multi-media, discussion, story-telling, hands-on practice and authentic experiences.

KORLCC Resource Library is frequented by community members and students/scholars from around the world. Whether someone is looking for Kanien’kéha names, historical photos, back issues of the Eastern Door or specific research resources, the Resource Library can point you in the right direction. The Library has also been compiling a language-related materials and resources section that includes dictionaries, language studies, grammatical workbooks and other related resources. Please note: we are not a lending library.

Public Programs

Throughout the year KORLCC provides diverse programming that highlights our community’s unique history, language and culture. Below is a listing of some of our programming.

  • Beadworking and Basketmaking classes and workshops
  • Exhibitions from local craftspeople/artisans
  • Weekly Joe tánon Leo Kanien’kéha Radio Show on K103.7fm
  • Wahta and Christmas Kanien’kéha Radio Shows (broadcast live from the KORLCC Library)
  • Tsi Niionkwarihò:ten Niwenhni’tò:ten – Cultural Awareness Month
  • Friday Night Traditional Social
  • Tetewatieronnion – Annual Kanien’kéha Variety Show
  • Rotinonhsion:ni Language Gathering and Curriculum Sale
  • Film Screenings in collaboration with the Montreal First Peoples’ Festival
  • The Eastern Connection Film Festival