Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program

Starting in 2002, the Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program has offered community members an opportunity to reconnect to their language and culture.  As one of our key educational endeavors, Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats has proved to be an effective endeavor to revitalize the Kanien’kéha language in Kahnawà:ke.

In June of 2008, a milestone was accomplished whereby Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Centre graduated fourteen (14) adult learners from a two (2) year intensive community-based Adult Language Immersion training program that teaches Kanien’kéha language as a Second language program and incorporates traditional cultural knowledge in the program curriculum activities.

The primary objectives of this program are:

  1. To provide students with basic understanding of Kanien’kehá:ka traditional cultural teachings delivered within the context of language learning (Creation Story, Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen).
  2. To increase student’s linguistic and literacy skills and abilities by learning basic grammatical structures and writing systems.
  3. To build language fluency capacity through a variety of teaching methods and practical applications.
  4. To prepare and increase employability of community participants.
  5. To increase the resource pool of proficient Kanien’kéha speakers as per Kahnawake’s Language Law - Kaianerenhserón:ni Ne Onkwawenna’ón:we  Aónston ne Kahnawake. 

Successful Outcomes of the Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program

  • June of 2008, graduated 14 Adult learners who have increased their oral proficiency and literary abilities in Kanien’kéha and have increased their traditional cultural knowledge as well.
  • Increased Kahnawake’s employability rates whereby several graduates of this program have successfully pursued careers in the teaching field of Kahnawake’s school system; and have found employment as Kanien’kéha language media journalists for Kahnawake’s local media outlets.
  • Increased the human resource pool of proficient Kanien’kéha language speakers as Kahnawake’s Language Law.